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interesting links

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TRAVELLING ART GALLERY View and purchase over 400 carriage print images online!
RAILWAY-POSTERS.COM A superb new regional series of poster books by Richard Furness starting with Scotland
COLLECTING BRITISH RAILWAYANA  Andrew Watt's railwayana pages - esp. modern traction
GWR AUCTIONS The site for the half-yearly Pershore auction
LONDON TRANSPORT MUSEUM A well-run museum in Covent Garden
PREMIER LINE NORTHAMPTON & LAMPORT RLY  A small railway with a bigger vision - my local!
PRORAIL News for railway collectors
RAILSERVE SEARCH Search facility for railway topics
RAILTRACK TRAVEL INFORMATION "Stephenson's Rocket is now approaching platform 5 - we apologise for the late arrival of this service..."
RAILWAYANA NET An  internet auction for railwayana and more
RAILWAYANA PRIMER An introduction to railwayana by Robin Gibbins
RAILWAYANA SALEBOARD Mike Dunn's saleboard and Malcolm Root's paintings
RAILWAY COLLECTORS NETWORK The internet mailing list for railwayana collectors
ROBERT FORSYTHE'S HOMEPAGE The expert on British Railways publicity
SURPRISE What really keeps me on track...
TOTEM EXPERIENCE Information for 'totem' station name collectors
VINTAGE CARRIAGE TRUST Coaching stock preservation based on K&WVR
ART PRINTS HQ USA based railway print index
AGORA GALLERY Contemporary fine art gallery, located in Chelsea, New York. Publisher of ARTisSpectrum magazine.